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Here at Finn store, Finn paw-picks all the food, treats and toys himself so his friends can be the best happy and healthy version of themselves. He was also keen to share his favourite treats and toys with you all! Take a look around our shop now!

At Finn’s store, we have chosen to donate 10% of our profits to help German Shepherd Rescue Elite where Finn is a proud patron. German Shepherd Rescue Elite aims to rescue, re-home and educate people on the breed. We have our own GSRE care packed, which you can purchase for the dogs at GSRE.

Any questions just use the pop up to chat to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Subscribe to your dog’s favourite food and we’ll deliver directly to you! We offer 10% discount for product subscribers.

We welcome all feedback, if you have anything you would like to see in our store, or you want to tell us how we’re doing then get in touch today!

Dog food & accessories that you can trust

When you shop at Finn’s Store you can trust that we sell the best dog food and accessories on the market. We only stock from our trusted and loved brands who simply provide good quality accessories and food, with natural ingredients and added vitamins & minerals so you can be confident you know your dog is having a good dinner.

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Your dogs deserve the best

Pet owners trust that they can look to us for all information concerning the wants and needs of their beloved companions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any query you have for us and we will assist you in every way we can.

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