Training your dog should be an enjoyable process for both you and your dog. It shouldn’t involve any shouting, punishment or any negativity in general. There are many ways to train a dog but we believe that clicker training is the way forward. 

For those not familiar with the process of clicker training, it’s simple. 

It involves a little plastic toy that makes a clicking sound. It helps signify the exact moment a dog completes a correct behaviour. The dog learns that whenever they hear the clicking sound they will be given a treat. The dog then tries to produce behaviour in order to get the trainer to sound the click.

The training involves 3 simple steps: 

  • Encourage and get the desired behaviour
  • Mark the behaviour with a click
  • Reward the behaviour 

Using this process repeatedly allows the dog to learn what behaviour is wanted from the trainer. The more the behaviour is repeated and followed by a reward the stronger the behaviour becomes. Once you have trained your dog to understand the overall clicker process it allows you to expand on this in further training, making training sessions more effective. 

Clicker training is a technique that uses positive reinforcement to encourage learning. It is a consistent and distinct process making training easy for both dog and trainer. The clicker is a non-emotional marker so your dog always receives the same information and won’t get confused with other sounds around them. It’s a great feeling when communication between you and your dog is established and you are able to connect through the sound of the clicker. 

To begin the short process you need to get your dog used to the sound of the clicker and create a positive link. Several sessions may be required for this to be established but once the behaviour is learnt there is no longer need for the clicker, but of course treats are always appreciated. This clicker training method works with all breed, ages and types of dogs. 

Dave Wardell says “For me, Clicker training simplifies the communication between human and dog…all my dogs are clicker trained. I love it.” 

If you wish to begin clicker training and have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget you can purchase a clicker on our Finns Store Website