Stuck inside self isolating or just need some more inspiration? Try these indoor games with your dog! 

We now know that our pets can’t get coronavirus, however they’re still being affected due to owners having to self-isolate. We understand that during this time it will be harder to keep your dog as physically active as normal, but you can still keep your dog mentally active by playing different indoor games with them. It’s important to note that isolation can also affect your mental health, as well as your dogs. By playing with your dog a few times a day can help keep their minds focused and will keep you busy too! 

There are lots of things you can do at home with your dog. We have come up with a few ideas to keep your dogs active and busy. 

Hide & seek
Fun for the whole family! Show your dog a toy or treat, hide it and ask your dog to ‘find it’. This can be very simple or made more difficult depending on your dogs ability. Try getting family members involved too! 

Simple and easy! Throw a toy and get your dog to retrieve it. Just make sure to use soft toys so not to damage anything. 

Tug of war
This is a great way of exercising your dog both mentally and physically. It doesn’t require a lot of room so is a great indoor game. 

Fun with food
Try mixing it up and instead of just putting food in a bowl, try using a Kong, food puzzle or activity ball to keep them entertained and mentally exercised. Stuffing a Kong is so easy to prepare and will keep your dog occupied for ages. Try freezing it the night before, it will last even longer! 

Training your dog is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and is a good way to bond with your dog. You can try experimenting with new and more complex tricks, such as, paw and roll over and even opening or closing the door! 

Cup game
Place a treat under one of three cups, then shuffle the cups and encourage them to ‘find the treat’. This game helps your dog work on problem solving skills and gives them plenty of mental stimulation. 

This may not be the most exciting thing for your dog but its important to keep your dog regularly groomed to ensure their coats don’t get matted as this will cause them harm in the future. 

Obstacle course
If you have the space, then this is fun for both dog and owner. Use your imagination! Get them to jump, weave, sit etc. Use things like towels and toys to keep it safe. 

Don’t forget lots of cuddles and relaxation time! It’s important your dog has time to rest as well as play. It can be a good time to bond with your dog. Everyone loves a cuddle! 

Being inside doesn’t have to be dull. It’s a good time to play some fun games with your dog or teach them something new. Dogs thrive on interactive play, and it has a big impact on their overall health and well being. 

If you have any questions, need help or just want a chat during this time please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our email is or you can call a member of our team on 01932 304364.


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