Since we sell many different foods in our store, we often get asked “How do I switch my dogs food over?” Well… we recommend all of our foods, they have been carefully selected and researched before entering our store. However, this does not make the switch any easier. Each brand, type or flavour may not be suitable for all dogs, sometimes this is a bit of an experiment! 

Regardless of what food you change your dog over to, it is likely you may encounter some problems along the way. This blog speaks about how to safely and slowly introduce your dog to their new food! 

You might wish to change your dogs food to a new brand or type, for either medical reasons or personal preference. It is important to do this safely and gradually over a 2 week period to avoid digestive and tummy upsets. Never change their food suddenly, unless you are told to by your vet.

For the first day or two, it is important to give your dog their normal food alongside a separate bowl with a small amount of the new food. Keep them separate, this is to introduce the new food slowly. If they sniff or eat it that’s great, but don’t worry if they don’t. 

The next step is to increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of their normal food. We would recommend mixing them together at this stage, unless you are introducing a wet food, then it is best to keep them separate. 

It is important to monitor if your dog is having any tummy upsets or any digestive routine changes as you may need to take things a little slower if you believe your dog is having problems. 

If your dog is getting along OK with the food, then you can slowly increase the portion of new and decrease the normal food in equal amounts each day. If you get to a point where your dog is reluctant to eat then decrease the amount of new food back to a level where they will eat it and remain like this for a few days. Gradually keep adding the new food and decreasing the old until you have completed the transition. 

By following these steps you should have no difficulty introducing a new food to your dog. If you do have any issues, get in touch with your vet to check you are using the best food for your dog and to see if there are any health issues affecting their appetite. 

If you are looking to change your dogs food, please visit our store.  All of the food we sell is 100% natural. We sell a variety of brands, flavours, ages and even have grain free options available.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team if you need any assistance! Please email or give us a call on 01932 304364.