Our History

The story of Dave and Finn

Life in the police

Dave and Finn were the best of friends. Dave has had Finn almost his whole life, Dave trained Finn to be a police dog and they continued working together on the police force for a further 7 years. Dave and Finn had been on many adventures, the bond they had was like no other. Together, they were invincible. 

The night everything changed

On the 5th of October 2016, Dave and Finn went out for duty like any other day but this was the day that has changed their lives forever. Police Dog Finn was stabbed on duty with a 10-inch hunting knife whilst protecting Dave and detaining a robber. Finn bravely dived in front of his dad not only once, but twice; saving his dads life and sacrificing his own.
Although Finn suffered life-threatening injuries to his head and his lungs, this extraordinary dog managed to survive, but only just. Unfortunately, Finn’s attacker walked away from his trial without punishment for what he did, as there has been no law to protect service animals from attack. 

New beginnings

Since then Dave and Finn have worked tirelessly to change the law to protect these loyal public servants. #FinnsLaw has made it through parliament with no objections and we are now waiting for finalisation. Finally, after all this time police dogs and horses are now one step closer to being protected by the law.

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