This year we want to make every dog in GSRE’s care feel even more special than normal. Most dogs are fortunate and will be spending Christmas with their families, however the GSRE dogs won’t be as they are still looking for their forever homes and will be in kennels on Christmas Day.


This year we have put together a very special bundle for individual dogs within GSRE’s care. This package features our best selling Christmas products to help make a GSRE dog feel special, from a treat everyday during December, the best Christmas toys we stock to a special doggy Christmas dinner.


If you buy a package we will ship them directly to the GSRE kennels in time for December so the dogs will get their calendars in time for the 1st!


Help make a change and put a smile on those dogs less fortunate than ours. Make a GSRE dog happy this Christmas, send them the GSRE Christmas Package 🐾🎅🏼
Note – we may swap items that are out of stock to the same value.